How to Play is

How to Play is

Every where I’ve lived there’s been slot machines to play. Whether it’s a bar slot, casino slot machine or the majority of online slots, I can guarantee you that they’ve been put to use. They’ve been prime time engines, money makers and catch phrases such as “big jackpot drive” and “stacked wilds jackpot” are lies that have arisen from the minds of bored gamblers.

I’ve even watched people try to turn DVD’s in to slot machines. Reel choices such as skydiving, dogs playing, children’s toys and more are there to entice the viewer into spending some money. Not just watching but playing, the latter in more ways than one. Online slots and video slot machines are quite common these days, not to mention the 5 reel and 20 reel, bonus games, progressive jackpots and the incredibly neat, 2 in 1, Vegas style multi screen, multi genre slot machines.

While I won’t lawyer myself to be the first person to suggest that people shouldn’t gamble, I will say that those who do gamble and are addicted to such things are not there to make a profit but to have fun. They have an urge to win and it’s usually so bad that they can’t stand not having a game. They justify it to themselves that it’s not as much fun as the last time they played, hence why they keep doing it. Well, I don’t know about you, but I think that recovering from an addiction is hard to do. If you’re not gambling to win but to escape mindlessly, it’s so much easier to hide than get clean and miss a thing. But that’s my two cents. If you’re reading this article, I’m probably a gambler.

3. Spread your risk: The most common gamblers wager on, whether at a casino or on the internet, is winning. But the choice of which game to play is up to you. Why not play baccarat first? Or how about playing blackjack? You can play one or both, whatever your poison.

As much as I love baccarat, I’m not sure that I’d ever want to play the banker. Ah, well, I say, as much as I love baccarat. Do what you feel and the house will always have the edge. But, if you’re really insist on playing banker, there’s only one game left to learn, if you don’t mind, that’s is the banker.

4. Know your limit and stick to it.I remember that in high school I began dropping out of classes to go to the bingo hall. Hardly a gambler at heart, I wanted the easy life. Lucky in a way. Unlike the majority of gamblers, bingo players know their limits.


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